Take full advantage of the endless possibilities of the Zego Craft in the waters of Great Britain. Explore the beaches and coves, or go out and jump the waves! Exeptional stability makes the craft ideal for activities such as fishing, diving, waterskiing and even snorkelling!

A word from the Zego Great Britain Team

DurableWatch out on the water near you for demo days and forth coming boat shows whether you are a first time boat buyer or experienced. If you're looking for safe, affordable, family fun or adrenaline pumping experience Zego is the boat for you. At home on the sea, estuary's, lakes etc. Zego is not classed as a pwc (personal water craft) so can be used virtually anywhere powered by a maximum 30 hp 4 stroke making it quiet and economical.

Why not embark on a journey you will never forget with years of fun.