The Zego Sports Boat has asymmetric hulls like the large ocean racing catamarans, which give it impressive performance and speed whilst still being hugely stable. The Zego Sports Boat has the perfect blend of excellent manoeuvrability, incredible stability, and a ride so smooth that you would think you were on a much larger craft.

The Zego Sports Boat manages to encompass all the features you would want out of a boat; it’s Versatile, Stable, Lightweight, Durable, and most importantly; Safe.


VersatileBy design, the Zego Sports Boat is effective in a wide variety of applications. Whether it's for work or pleasure use the Zego Sports Boat will excel. Its incredible stability and shallow draft make it an excellent platform for teaching, safety cover, patrolling, diving, fishing and various other applications. And of course, at heart it's a Sports Boat, designed for loads of fun whether you're zipping across calm water or pushing your way through the breakers.


StableWith a low center of gravity coupled with twin hulled catamaran design, the Zego Sports Boat lets you feel confident in all but the most severe conditions on the open water stationary or at full throttle. And, with a beam of over 5 feet, an adult standing on the front deck of a Zego Sports Boat at rest has negligible impact on the balance of the boat.


LightweightWeighing in at about 190kgs including engine the Zego Sports Boat is easily launched and recovered by one. Its light weight coupled with its durable construction makes beaching the boat an easy, no-risk proposition. The Zego Sports Boat's light weight also means even small cars can tow the boat and manoeuvring the trailer by hand is effortless


DurableThe Zego Sports Boat is manufactured from industrial polyethylene, a particularly tough plastic able to withstand all kinds of abuse. Polyethylene is resistant to salt, weather, punctures, de-lamination and many of the other problems that affect inflatables and fibreglass boats. With this rugged construction there's no need to be overly concerned about casual contact with rocks, docks and pilings or about landing on a pebbly beach.


SafeThe hulls of the Zego Sports Boat are 65% filled with a closed cell foam that does not absorb water. Even in the unlikely event you were to compromise either one or both hulls, the Zego Sports Boat design ensures level floatation with the motor, battery and fuel supply remaining above the "flooded" water line and operational. This feature coupled with the huge stability; the Zego Sports Boat offers a very safe platform for the huge versatility.